Time Out New York

I was commissioned by the TimeOut New York magazine to provide an illustration for a feature, "New York City's Top Ten All-Time Dirtiest Bathrooms."


I had a very short deadline so had to work fast while managing other tasks.  Because of the multiple stories, there was a lot of detail I wanted to put in.  Despite being short on time I didn't want to compromise any part of the concept or put out sloppy work.

In any case it was a fun project that got me to step out of my comfort zone a bit. 

I produced multiple concept sketches and collaborated with editors.  They chose the concept they liked the best and I worked with them, providing steady updates and editions to get it ready for print.

The illustration takes up like 70% of the page, right in the center!  Pretty sweet.

On the technical side, I had a lot of fun constructing the lighting as well as the graffiti.  I think I captured an authentic grungy feel without being too raunchy and graphic.  Thanks Jess


sandro wannabe

This was my first foray in 3d/zbrush.  Subject and source image assigned by a teacher, but I'm a dark person anyway.  Artists seem to have an obsession with memento mori.


Gwei Lunmei




This is a piece I did a while ago.  Don't get too excited, I essentially copied this from a photograph as a facial study, starting from basic and then selectively adding detail.  Perhaps one day I will be able to conjure such images using nothing but my own visualization skills.  That's the goal.

The subject of the work is Taiwanese actress Gwei Lunmei, from the movie "不能说的秘密."  It's about a girl who was bullied to death when word spread of her being mentally ill, but it turned out she was right about everything...

No Beard


Just a quick mugshot I sketched up in one sitting.  I started this out by literally drawing out the guys skull to map out his bone structure.

After that, I just "stretched" the skin out over the skull, then added in all of his features.  I also tried to do a little experimenting with skin texture.

Usually I end up drawing pretty boys and pretty girls so I made this to prove to myself that I am more versatile than that.

I originally intended to give him a beard, and while I was very happy with the technical execution of the beard, I felt he looked more menacing and imposing without it.